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Feb 25

Finding perspective through rock climbing

rock climbing

What are the effects of rock climbing on the human mind Rock climbing is not just about the physical challenge, it requires a certain element of mental stamina in order to overcome perceived obstacles. Rock climbing is a sport that has captivated many people. There is definitley an explosion in the amount of people trying …

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Sep 05

Rock climbing Johannesberg

began my first rock climbing assent the day I looked darkness head on and said, ‘I am light, I can hold my weight’ with autumns fallen gold crunching beneath my feet. I began my souls rock climbing adventure, the suns glow rose across the rock evenly dissipating the shadows that played on my thoughts. The …

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Sep 05

Rock climbing

rock climbing in johannesburg

Life has been an interesting journey thus far and I am beginning to understand the meaning of age. It all began when I went to the Botanical Gardens for the first time and touched a rock millions of years old. I understood the passing of time for what it truely is. Now I feel what …

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