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Mar 25

initiatives to curb rhino poaching

rhino poaching

Initiatives to curb rhino poaching in the Kruger park The Kruger remians the hardest hit in terms of rhinos killed in 2013. Rhino poaching is fought at various levels from field operations to public awareness As of today which happens to be 25 MArch 2013, the rhino poaching stats illustrate an alrming figure of 102 …

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Nov 16

Rhino poaching

Rhio poaching

Rhino Poaching Rhino poaching is a statement that might raise many a temper, but is nevertheless, a reality in Africa. Rhino’s are going to be slaughtered to extinction Rhino poaching¬†has reached a¬†critical point!!!! Become aware of the problem and support the various organisations that are trying to combat this senseless act. As we all kow, …

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Oct 10

Rhino Poaching in Africa

Rhino poaching in Africa has catapulted into a serious problem Help stop rhino poaching in Africa by becoming aware of the stats and become actively involved in the preservation of these magnificent species. The latest rhino poaching in Africa statistics indicate that 430 rhinos have been killed since the beginning of 2012 in South Africa …

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