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Feb 10

Killer whale attacks Humpback whale

‘Crying for baby and mama humpback whale’ Divers at Mexico’s Socorro Island spend magical moments with a humpback whale and her baby, only to witness the raw power of nature when orcas arrive February 04, 2015 by Pete Thomas 30 Divers on a recent excursion to Mexico’s Socorro Island became part of a scene that …

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Jan 16

Humpback Whale

a humpback whale breaching in the ocean

A Humpback whale near Santa Cruz nearly swallows up a surfer Explore this amazing story of how a humpback whale lunges out of the water ans nearly swallows a surfer. Humpback whales are not normqlly this aggressive Now here is something you don’t get to see everyday. The venue for this strange humpback whale occurance …

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