Jun 23

Iceberg Golf



From the “you do what you gotta do” department comes a humorous video depicting what golfers in Michigan do until golf courses open up. They play iceberg golf.

“How about this!” filmmaker Seth Haley wrote on his Facebook post. “Golfing from iceberg to iceberg with a SUP board as your golf cart.”

Sure, why not?



Haley of St. Joseph, Michigan, recruited Josh Nowicki to be the golfer, borrowed a SUP board, got his camera rolling and, voila, an iceberg golf video was born.

Among the comments Haley received on Facebook about the video:

“That is awesome.”

“Replace those divots!”

“And you never play the same course twice!”
Read more at http://www.grindtv.com/random/iceberg-golf-becomes-funny-winter-alternative/#Ll3RoLBQkjfVErE0.99

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