Nov 17

Saved by the sheep…

Saved by the sheep….Dog survives fall off cliff by landing on a sheep

A Mexican tourist watched in horror as his dog broke free and ran off cliff

Saved by the sheep

A  Mexican tourist was walking his dog along the steep terrain in one of the highest routes on the Drakensberg Mountains, when the dog, agitated by sheep, broke free from his owner and ran off a cliff.

Diego Suarez watched in horror as he thought for sure Rocky had fallen to his death, but amazingly, the Alaskan Malamute survived in an unusual way. It landed on a sheep, which broke the dog’s fall.

Saved by the sheep

                                                                            The cliffs and steep terrain

Suarez was preparing to take a photo atop the 2,359-foot ridge, according to the Drakensberg express, “I placed his lead between my legs, but Rocky took flight like a bullet,” Suarez told the Drakesnsberg Express. “I have never seen him that determined and fast. All my shouting would never have stopped him.”

Suarez stepped to the cliff’s edge to see if he could locate Rocky, but instead he spotted a search and rescue helicopter looking for a 25-year-old man who had fallen 600 feet to his death from another ridge.

It is not known how far the dog fell; the Drakensberg Express did mention the distance. But based on the terrain, it could have been perhaps as much as 300 feet.

Local Drakensbergers eventually helped the distraught Suarez look for his dog and three days later, Rocky was spotted in a ditch trapped by the body of a dead sheep.

Suarez told the Drakensberg Express that he thought the sheep had gone over the cliff just before Rocky and softened his landing but trapping him, too.

“The sheep was dead and lying next to a rock, that’s why I assume it took the hit, and Rocky was lucky, and I assumed the whole time he was dead because it is such a deep fall.”

Rocky was dehydrated but otherwise was in good shape. Suarez said ” i think the reknowed meaning saved by the bell should be changed to saved by the sheep in this instance”.

“I owe a lot, Rocky’s life, to everyone around the Drakensberg area who supported and encouraged me,” Suarez told the Drakensberg Express. “Thank you.”


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