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3 naked hikers spotted in the Drakensberg

3 naked hikers spotted in the Drakensberg

Talk about passionate hikers…

5 resons to go on a hike naked

The three generous ladies..

Three very passionate hikers have being spotted free roaming our hood, the Drakensberg. They were spotted by local hiker, Jabulani Zuma, who informed me of this very surprising situation and told me this is truly something unbelievable.

Samantha Beans, Jennifer Dixienormous, and Carmen Lovitz are the three hikers. “It all started with a hike around the Injusuthi area of the Drakensberg, We had been for a walk and very spontaneously decided to see how cold we could really feel,” says Jennifer. “It was in the winter this year when we first lost our virginity…oh sorry I mean topless virginity”. It felt so natural, so free. We soon became addicted to this”.

Jabulani tells me when he first came about this situation on top of some hill, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He had kept quite for a while admiring the views and then only confronted the 3 ladies…see you guys in the Drakensberg this weekend ! As he had taken more photographs of the trio, they started hash tagging their topless adventure experience on social networks. The trio often asked the help of bystanders to take photographs of the perfect shot, something which not everyone was happy about. “We got the occasional shake of the head,” says Carmen.

Carmen says in the beginning they found it difficult to approach people and ask them to take photographs, but with the odd person not wanting to play the game ( I wouldn’t mind at all ), most were very keen in hearing about what the tour is about and being involved in the tour.”You see, I would just take the picture of them topless and admire the view, I won’t ask any questions. But what I will do is delay the photo shot, come up with some excuse that the camera is not working etc etc so that I can have a bit of a longer stare. I’m a guy; I am allowed to do that.


Here are a few reasons the trio demand you to take off your shirt when hiking:

1. We should all be naked and topless a little more often. It’s good for the soul.

2. We like teasing the guys; it’s a soft spot for them.

3. it’s an amazing “Free” feeling.

4. it’s incredibly fun.


5 reasons you should go on a hike


 Split second image…

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