Oct 07

Thousands of ducks block traffic in Johannesburg

Why did the ducks cross the road

Traffic on a William Nicol Drive in Johannesburg came to a standstill for the most unusual reason. Ducks. Thousands of ducks—or as Dixie Normus, a resident in the area suggested, a “hundred thousand” ducks—filled the roadway blocking traffic. And the seemingly endless parade of ducks just kept coming

I’m not sure why these ducks are in revolt,” the man said, according to the Post. “You can see the great mass of ducks swarming on the road. They have now occupied the area entirely.”


From the Johannesburg Residents Accociation Post:

The ducks may be on the edge of an uprising.He was referring to the so-called great mass uprising, or Klink, of the People’s Democratic Reform for Ducks (PDRD), led by former Democrat Party secretary-general in May of this year on a farm outside Brits.

The Post reported that the drivers were patient and waited for the ducks to pass, adding that some said the drivers were “Een Verveeld,” a South African slang that is maybe used to express boredom or being fed up about something. Translated, “Eend Verveeld” literally means a boring duck.


Authorities have warned the ducks to stay off the road and have began ‘Operation Donald’ to try and curb the duck uprising. One motorist, who wishes to remain anonymous, has stated that a few of the ducks may have been involved in the looting of several womans lingerie stores.

Authorities have advised that motorists should avoid the area until the situation is under control. Duck Activists are reported to be on the scene to “avoid police brutality’ as Ivor Ardon, MD of the Duck Awarenes Programme of Southern Africa ( DAPSA) stated to the Post.

A witness posted a complaint that one of the drivers not only grabbed one of the ducks and hauled it into his car, he punched it in the beak, and bragged that he might make Peking Duck out of him.
The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated that during his confrontation with the driver, the driver boasted: “It’s legal, and there’s lots of them on the road. They have no right to block my passage home from work I might come back tomorrow and get another one.” The driver said that the real reason he grabbed the duck was to draw it for an art project. But he has since received threats and, like a duck, is trying to keep a low profile.
“DAPSA value the life of a duck and they are threatening our family,” said the drivers mom. “They put my boys life below that of an duck. It’s gone way overboard.”
DAPSA  were so enraged that they created a petition to “Save the Ducks” from being grabbed and treated so inhumanely.


The explanation of why thousands of ducks crossed the road? Dixie told the Post a farmer was taking the ducks to find food on the opposite side of the road.

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