May 14





So an exciting new addition to Soul Adventures has begun, Soul Diving and Tours, check out our website…just a few words ago, you will find the link.  And we have a challenge, lets post, share, instagram, twitter, hell lets hire a plane with one of those stringy messages that you cant read from the ground which passes by over head so quick that by the time you see it, you wonder why you spent the money in the first place.  Ok, so back to the challenge… well, we have been training Attack Dwarfs, below you will see a pic of an Attack Dwarf…

Attack Dwarf

For a good time call 083 704 2912

Ok, why the pink wetsuit you may be asking yourself, well its to do with camouflage…harder to see with the amazing colour diversity of the oceans amazing reefs.  Much like our friend the Stingray… Stingray, why the hell would we be talking about a Stingray?  Its simple, check out the Stingray page.

It is a little known fact that Soul Adventures is infamous for its Adventure Travel, stuff like…Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Eco TourismXTreme Sports…but even more special is the Kilimanjaro trip.  Ok truth be told, its all going well, like a 10 year affair in which you have never been caught.  So well in fact that Diving and Diving Trips is becoming ever more popular. Lets not forget Diving Courses, without which you can not technically…dive legally. (Ok, before you continue reading make sure you have kept up with the strategic linkage placement…)

We are all about building long term relationships and quality over quantity.  Our Diving Instructors are PADI certified and will take you through step by step to realizing your dream of experiencing the under water wonder world.  We aim to be part of your lives for the foreseeable future.

Why is Diving so much fun?

Its simple, when diving you get none of the hazards you get when Climbing or Trekking… See the latest image below:

Eish Foot

Complimentary Chic magnet included!!

Lets break it down, the above comes from 2 weeks of hard climbing, not that we frown on hard climbing, but if you come diving with us there are certain advantages which you will not get climbing…for example… no “Eish my foot is buggered!?!”  As our Chief Attack Dwarf Trainer will tell you… that in order to Conquer Fear, you must first, win the lotto, skin a semi-live purple orchid from the sixteenth rock to the left of the enormous appendage of the Great Mr G Rilla, who has recently been sighted on Mt Kilimanjaro ”  no easy feat let me tell you!

Ok, so what are you waiting for, open a world of wonder, experience the other side of the; (Oh my…it would appear that I need more Oxygen in order to finish this!) scale. Diving will give you a new perspective on the world, I’m sure it has been said; at sometime in History, that someone famous… said, there is more to discover below the oceans of earth, than we can discover in the Universe.

So what about the Challenge…? Stay tuned…






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