Apr 22

Hiking Injisuthi

Hiking Injisuthi

by Jonathan Jubber

We spent the long weekend with Soul Adventures, the weather was beautiful and the scenery spectacular… Hiking Injisuthi is always rewarding.

Hiking in Injusuthi

A view from above as our group made their way down from Centenary Hut


Our mission over the Easter weekend was to explore a beautiful area of the Drakensberg known as Injisuthi. Each of us were there for different reasons but we were able to share and appreciate the challenges that the rolling landscapes would give us. The hike near the sparkling streams and through woodland valleys is inspiring and is exactly what the mind needs as it unwinds from the veritable madness of the city. Hiking Injisuthi with friends and good weather is my inspiration for writing this mountaineering blog.


Hiking in Injusuthi

Injisuthi valleys are easy to navigate and finding the hidden streams and caves is rewarding

So we walked. The route on day 1 isn’t especially far but for those who are unused to the trails of the Drakensberg it can rival any day in the gym. The contour paths are quite beautiful and you can see many adjacent valleys as their rivers wind off into the distance. You can always see the odd group of people going on day-hikes to Marble-bathes, Injisuthi cave or the Battle Caves; all are worthwhile ways to spend a day but to really get the most out of the area you need to spend a few nights soaking up the sounds of the mountains.

Hiking in Injusuthi

A welcome place to cool down and have some lunch

We eventually made our way to our campsite at the top of the Burns. Yes, I call the Injisuthi foothills “The Burns”, they are a group of rolling hills that you need to push through to get just below the escarpment, they always hurt but the rewards in fitness training and of a very decent campsite are well worth it. I suggest bringing along Deep heat, Salt-tablets and a sense of humor, I hope nobody is scared off because this is where all the walking really starts to pay off…..

Hiking in InjusuthiHiking in Injusuthi

Being able to rest the tired bones feels pretty good although that storm that I cooked up was total overkill, next time I’ll make something a little less back-breaking – I did however notice that people didn’t get very tired on the return journey, it might be because they’ve already covered the difficult ground already but I’ll argue for good food…

Hiking in Injusuthi

┬áDid I mention that the weather was good? I’d say that March and April are two of the best months to be in the berg, Its just after the Summer rains and just before the bitter threat of snow, you can definitely feel that the seasons are in transition when out in the open and one can really appreciate what the land has to offer.

Don’t be thankful for the beautiful views of the Southern African landscape, they were not put there for your enjoyment and will outlast your short time on this earth. Rather be thankful for that ability inside yourself to appreciate them.


resting in a pile of leaves

resting in a pile of leaves at camp Injisuthi


A morning stroll through the veld of the middleberg










It always feels good when a trip to the mountains is safely concluded, I’ve taken many people into the berg now, there are always highs and lows but you just can’t beat that cold beer after you’ve plodded into the end of the journey. To everyone who joined me on this trip thank you for adding your personalities and positive input though out.

Hiking Injisuthi while discovering the beauty of the Drakensburg might just be one of the best ways to get your head out of the city and into the mountains. Join us on our next experience to Mafadi – South Africa’s highest peak.

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