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No Breather Syndrome

No Breather Syndrome


It is a not so widely none fact that excessive diving will lead to ”No Breather Syndrome” not to be confused with hunger pains or the sudden urge to relieve yourself under water.  Basically and in as few words as we could manage to pull together… ”No Breather Syndrome” relates to the effects of being underwater longer than you can imagine.  The chemical reactions in your brain mix, neurons fire away, and suddenly.. without warning you believe you can breath under water with no breathing aid. Symptoms are easy to see visually with your eyes and fortunately the cure is even more easy and simple just slap the sufferer repeatedly in the face until they come round.  If this should for some reason fail to work, consider this:  Perhaps what is happening is the diver may be suffering from Nitrogen Narcosis…. but there is some good news, you shouldn’t get it on land!

Nitrogen Narcosis is a form of underwater drunkenness (Kind of like when you are at the pub and you have had slightly more alcohol than your quota allows – its at this point you start saying and doing silly things.) , it is caused by a numbing of the brain buy inhaling the mixes of certain gasses at depths whilst under pressure.  Although it can occur on shallow dives, it is more likely on the deeper dives.  If these effects are apparent, yet still you continue to dive it will become hazardous to your health and is to be considered a bit more worrying than a runny nose.

The easiest way to reverse this effect is to slowly ascend to a shallower depth.  Most dives are controlled by a Dive Master who will quickly identify these ill effects and will direct you to do so when the symptoms are first seen.

Never dive alone and always check and recheck your gear before you go out into open water.  Also ensure that you have had sufficient training in the use of mixed gas diving.

No Breather Syndrome

No Breather Syndrome

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