Nov 06

Loch Ness Sighting in South Africa

Loch Ness Monster sighting in South Africa creates havoc on Durban beaches

A photo that eerily resembles the famous photograph taken in Scotland of the Loch Ness Monster has surfaced in South Africa. Since its publication, the photo has generated quite a bit of interest and speculation in the Coastal town of Durban.

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The photo was taken off Slasher Reef, located off the Kwazulu Natal coastal city of Durban. Dixie Normus, a surf enthusiast, snapped the photo while on the beach seeking a location to conduct a surfing competition for dwarfs with large feet.

“It was bobbing up and down in the water and at first I thought ‘What’s that?’” Dixie told a local newspaper.“Someone yelled out, ‘It looks like a Loch Ness Monster.’ I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Experts from the ROAIOSANEA ( Rare Oceanic Animal Insitute of South and North Eastern Africa) have announced that this is one of the more realistic Loch Ness scandals for some time. A photo of such quality has never been taken since last week.

Speculation on what it is has ranged from a floating tree, sunken bearded dragon, or a poorly PhotoShopped version of the Loch Ness Monster. Naturally, skeptics are analyzing the photo in the hopes of finding an explanation. Yet even veteran surfers who have been surfing in the area for years have even commented on the authenticity of the photo.

Dixi Normus told FDCT, SA’s no.12 ranking breakfast show, “Even though we don’t know what it is, we call it a UMOOT. It’s a new type of organism. It’s an “unidentified marine organism or thing”.

Nevertheless, the shot of what clearly looks like the animal’s head is extremely compelling. Maybe something you should be on the lookout for the next time you go swimming in the ocean. A special team of experts to ‘clear the area’ and we recommend that all swimming or surfing in the area be suspended until they can positively say that the area is safe.

“What we really want to know from people in South Africa that have seen this picture is, can somebody please tell us what it is because it’s a mystery that’s unexplained.

Hoax or reality? The waters of Durban will never be the same


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