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Elephant rams car

Elephant rams and flips over a game rangers car in South Africa

Unprovoked female elephant attack at Kruger National Park is a first for professional guide Johann Lombard in 23 years of guided safaris

Okay, so now here is something you don’t want to have happen to you.

elephant rams carGetting charged by a small toaster.  Wait…. why do we have a picture of an elephant/ oh yes, because this article is on an elephant who rams a car.  I got charged once, but is was only 3 Dollars. this type of charging is a tad different. The poor game ranger in mention is Johann Lombard  who has been a professional safari guide for 23 years, but he’s never had an elephant do what it did while on a guided safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa. An unprovoked female elephant charged toward his group and then smashed into and flipped over the car in what was called “an elephant encounter of a lifetime.” I would say an elephant making me a cucumber sandwich would be more of an encounter, but be that as it may, we all have our opinions.  Watch the exclusive footage provided by JukinVideo on YouTube:

Right, so here a quick commentary on the events that took place. At first, one elephant makes a charge and abruptly stops, along with a second elephant. A third elephant charges right past the other two and doesn’t stop, despite Lombard’s best efforts to “talk elephant.”

elephant rams car

Evidently, “no, no” and “come on, move!” and “easy, easy” and “hey, hey, hey” doesn’t always work to stop charging elephants. Sometimes the words ‘waggazagga crumpy wumpy work’. Anti charge spray also works but has not been invented yet.

“Despite the absence of any provocation and all the professional precautions taken, this female elephant not only charges his vehicle but smashes right into it,” “Fortunately no one was injured during this event and the elephant eventually walked away unharmed.”

But certainly nerves of the three occupants in the vehicle were a bit frayed.


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