Apr 09

Simple joys of life


If you’ve ever fallen asleep in a van with a coiled climbing rope for a pillow, be prepared to get hit right in the “feels” while watching the newest short film from Duct Tape Then Beer ” It’s a five-minute exploration of growing older and a glorification of the simple joys of the climbing life, and its beautiful commentary will hit home with almost everyone. Stick with it until the end and I promise you you’ll have a tear in your eye and a whole new appreciation for climbing.

After all of these years, I refuse to believe joy costs something. Whether we have to get onto a plane to find it. That it has to happen on our vacation. And that dreams cannot come true on a Tuesday. Some people don’t know what they want to be. I know my life does not involve spreadsheets, emails and big paychecks. I know the things I’d do. I love spicy food. I give thanks to places we call home and living off of other people left over’s. For evolving as a person. This one is for Sunday afternoon thundershowers. For cereal and morning cartoons as a kid. For 3 legged dogs that run. Walking on rocky mountain ridge lines. Stones that skip to the deepest part of the lake. Watching the golden light of the last hour of the day turning the land into a soft glowing place. When in reach that final minute on the final day, I won’t think about shitty bosses, or whatever happened on facebook. I will remember-riding my bike on city streets in the night, gravel roads that stretch on forever, and all the highs and lows of family, standing in icy rivers, wondering what it would be like to be a fish. And making pretty girls laugh. And friends. Of course, my friends. I try to collect moments. I step back and watch the movie that is my life for just a second because it’s easier to watch as it happens. I try really hard to realise when life is amazing. And even when it is not. I know what happens when you finally see place you’ve seen on postcards and wall calendars your whole life. And I know sometimes that a beautiful dress can make a beautiful girl. Just like that. The best way to feel the ocean is to dive right into the waves. The same way you do with the ocean of people on city side walks.  This one is for the idea of money spent living passionately is better than any piece of gear you can buy. This one’s for trying hard. For wonder. For people who rock up in their car with the music turned up so loud that everyone else waiting in traffic can hear it. And coffee. Thank God for coffee.

We think our heroes have to be good at throwing or catching balls, we sit down in bars having a drink and watch them have the time of their lives on a tv screen. My heroes are my climbing partners. Blind people who cross the street by themselves. And those who realise that inside, we are all capable of surprising ourselves.

We all have dreams. But they don’t mean much if you don’t act on them. If we put them in a drawer and label the ‘sometime’ . Or when we think we will have more time. I try to get out there. To go to amazing places. To having incredible conversations. With incredible people. I think it all adds up somewhere. And what it does. You’re not doing something. Your being something. But what i want to be is happy. Exited. And inspired. Today I’m 35. That last hike. That’s for me. For the next 35. Because I don’t want to say ‘I wish’.

I want to say DAMN!!!THAT WAS AWSOME!!!

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