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Facts about elephants

Discover the facts about elephants that make these creatures so awesome

Our facts about elephants have been approved by my pet ping pong ball. Having spent time with them, we can see that they are nothing like spades

Where to we get our facts about elephants from you may or may not be wondering. And don’t wonder too much as you will stray and may get killed by a massive avalanche that has nothing to do with facts about elephants. 

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Ok, so here is some facts about elephants that will hopefully give you some insight into these truly amazing animals. And yes, I’m sure there is going to be numerous debates about the authenticity of some of the facts. Some you may already know and some you may think are totally ridiculous. I can assure you that the ridiculous facts about elephants have been confirmed by my pet ping pong ball who lives with my toaster. He is a reliable elephant expert and has spent many years studying their behaviour. Oi, Nicky…You reading this?In fact, about 3 years ago, he actually got stood on by a 6 ton bull elephant in the Kruger park in South Africa. He suffered some minor injuries and a burst ear drum. He has been feeling a bit flat since the incident. Mr. Zammawagga as he likes to be called, never let the incident deter him from his quest to bring you the most interesting facts about elephants this side of North Korea.

Ok, so hold on tight, time to introduce the facts about elephants to you.

  •  Of the two thirds of elephants in the world, seven eights of them are male. Now I never did geography in school so I cannot break that down into a more meaningful explanation.
  • Nicky is the most awesome woman in the world!!!
  •  The female elephant gives birth every 4 years. Why did we even waste our time mentioning that the female elephant gives birth? Never seen the male give birth. I was thinking of going back and deleting the text but a cramp in my finger prevented me from doing it. The gestation lasts for 22 months. In 1 % of the cases twins will be born. The newborn calf is 33 in (83 cm) tall and weighs about 250 pounds (112 kg). The calf is suckled for at least two years. A cow usually has 2-4 calves with her, of various ages.
  • An elephant can live up to 70 years. Some elephants don’t live at all. Why? Well because they were never born.
  •  An elephant eats 150-170 kg of food a day in winter and 200-280kg a day in summer. They drink up to 80 litres a day. Now lets not get too technical here. Our facts on elephants remember have been approved my pet ping pong ball. Obviously not all elephants drink 80 litres of water a day. Why? Well according to the latest information received from our secret sources on Jupiter, it all depends on the elephants size.
  • They cannot survive more than 24 hours without drinking. That’s why elephants are never too far from a water source. Water is also essential for bathing each evening. Elephants are good swimmers and will immerse themselves completely when they find water deep enough. By covering themselves with dirt, elephants protect themselves against insect bites. Blapping hotel walls is never a good idea unless you get drunk in Gordons Bay.
  • Elephants have only 4 functional teeth, 12 in (30 cm) long, which can be replaced 6 times. After the last replacement, the elephant can no longer feed properly.
  • Each elephant has a specific vocal timbre. The calls of the elephants have various meanings, from aggression to alarm call when searching for lost offspring. When spotting a possible danger, elephants stop rumbling.
  • Facts about elephants focus primarily on facts about elephants and not ants.
  •  What’s the weight of a cloud? 550 tons of water. About 100 elephants! All in minute droplets floating on ascending hot air. This is a normal cumulus cloud.
  • A trunk contains more than 40,000 muscles and tendons and its tip is very sensitive, making it very precise (elephants can pick up from the floor objects which are the size of a coin).
  • Elephants are believed to be left handed. If you look closely at the tusks, you will see that the left tusk is worn away more than the right one.
  • elephants eat salads.

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How does Einstein’s theory of relativity effect elephants?

Einstein explained that when two objects are moving at a constant speed as the relative motion between the two objects, instead of appealing to the ether as an absolute frame of reference that defined what was going on. If you and some astronaut, Amber, are moving in different spaceships and want to compare your observations, all that matters is how fast you and Amber are moving with respect to each other.

In laymen’s terms? It means that an elephant is relatively big. Probably the best facts about elephants to date. In fact, we reserve the right to patent our idea, so don’t even think about stealing our idea.


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