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initiatives to curb rhino poaching

Initiatives to curb rhino poaching in the Kruger park

The Kruger remians the hardest hit in terms of rhinos killed in 2013. Rhino poaching is fought at various levels from field operations to public awareness

As of today which happens to be 25 MArch 2013, the rhino poaching stats illustrate an alrming figure of 102 rhinos killed since the beginning of 2013. To keep you in the loop, in 2012, a total of 668 rhinos were killed.

68 rhino poachers have been arrested in 2013 so far. 24 of them were in the Kruger park.

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The minister of water and environmentsl affairs has noted with concern the increae in rhino poaching and is confident thast that the parks board is on the verge of a turaround given thr intitiatives presently being implemented against rhino poaching in south africa.

Rhino poaching is currently fought on various levels in South Africa including, field coverage, public awareness, regional and international engagement. In the upcoming convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of fauna and flora meeting, the minister plans to engage with regional groupings on this issue including the Vietnamese government.

Declaration by Vietnam to ban the import of rhino horns

The minister has welcomed the recently accounced signing of a a declaration by the Vietnamese government, banning the import of rhino horns. Both countries are working on a draft plan of action with short and long term activities that will include the illegal trade in rhino horn. In terms of the decision made by the government of Vietnam, signed on 24 January 2013, products derived from rhino poaching may no longer be exported or traded. Something I’m sure the ring leaders of rhino poaching do not care about. they will find a way to get it into the country. But at least there is some form of control. A lot like drugs I suppose. drugs are illegal, but smugglers always find a way to get around the law.

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Services of ex army officer acquired to combat rhino poaching

As part of South Africa’s fight against rhino poaching, especially in the Kruger Park, the services of a retired major general in the SA army have been acquired. The introduction of Maj Gen Johan Jooste was made to conclude the multi pronged strategy to combat rhino poaching. His experience includes military intelligence, border and area protection and contempory knowledge of modern technology and interrogation.

What has been implemented so far:

  • A R100,000 reward to anyone who provides information for the arrest of a successful rhino poacher
  • R1 million reward for the arrest of a rhino poaching syndicate mastermind.
  • Deployment of Seeker Seabird aircraft and unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.


South Africans are urged to report any information regarding rhino poaching anonymously: 08600-10111


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