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Finding perspective through rock climbing

What are the effects of rock climbing on the human mind

Rock climbing is not just about the physical challenge, it requires a certain element of mental stamina in order to overcome perceived obstacles.

Rock climbing is a sport that has captivated many people. There is definitley an explosion in the amount of people trying the sport out. Not only is rock climbing an awsome way to develop your physical goals, but is also a dman fine mental workout as well. Rock climbing is one of those sports where you will  ore than likely walk away humbled and defeated. An ingredient that keeps on urging you back on to the rock. Rock climbing will introduce you to many a physical and mental block, that will require great persisitance, mental and physical with a massive dollop of courage to overcome.The perceived  ‘problems’ in your life our dwarfed in comparison when rock climbing.

The below rock climbing blog was written by Jonathan Jubber. He has been part of the Soul Adventure rock climbing team for about 8 months. Jonathans contribution to our cause is priceless. Jubber will not only challenge you mentally and physically, but he will also blow your mind philosophically. I have spent many an hour rock climbing with Jubber and I often walk away with some new perspective on life to ponder.

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Why is rock climbing a soul adventure? By Jonathan Jubber.

An answer to that question might be found when we take a closer look at the people who climb. We may then see the effects that climbing might have on the human mind and body.

Spending hours and hours beyond your comfort zone tends to do strange and wonderful things to people; it forces them to confront their fears and weaknesses and it tends to develop strength. When I say strength I’m rather referring to the potential quality inside every living being that enables them to survive and even thrive in their given environments.This is a good thing and we need more of it in our everyday lives.

It could be said that strength comes from wisdom and experience. A type pf experience can be gained by exploration of the external world. Hiking through the Drakensburg, arriving at the summit of Kilimanjaro or even taking a road trip along the Garden Route can give you valuable experiance of this beautiful planet. But then there is the experience of the self which may be truely valuable its more difficult to come by and only a few beings ever really  explore it to any useful degree. The main reason for this failiure might be fear. Just considering the fact that people have so many phobias is testament to our compacency or inability to face down those fears and hinderances. Its almost as if our society has installed a barrier around the things which can give us enlightenment; arachnaphobia along with the fear of insects, the fear of heights, the fear of open spaces and of closed, the list is long – a couple of pages, I’ve read it and its a sad one. Our species seems to be greatly attracted to mundanity and the safety therein.

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The experience that rock climbing introduces helps to combat this scourge that fear has become to the ego. When people find themselves at the point of utter exhaustion and where they are faced with only two choices; push on through the pain or retreat to safety, a whole new avenue of the mind becomes opened to them. Life becomes incredibly simple and all the minor issues of existence fade away into irrelevancy. If I had to give a name to this kind of experience, I might call it perspective. The strength of a new or wider perspective could be said to be invaluable to any kind of being whos reality is reliant upon their interpretation of the connection between themselves and the world. Fear can be an ever-present force in our lives but it need not be a negative one.


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