Jan 16

Humpback Whale

A Humpback whale near Santa Cruz nearly swallows up a surfer

Explore this amazing story of how a humpback whale lunges out of the water ans nearly swallows a surfer. Humpback whales are not normqlly this aggressive

Now here is something you don’t get to see everyday. The venue for this strange humpback whale occurance is Sante Cruz in the USA. Why do the yanks always get alll the cool stuff. They have alien landings, small orange objects that don’t look anything like a filter box for crocodile shoes and humpback whales. Anyway, a woman on a surfboard and two people aboard a kayak were nearly engulfed by a humpback whale. This usually peaceful sea creature came charging out of the ocean, its mouth agape, just a few feet away. Well maybe our story is a tad incorrect. Humpbacks do not have feet, so it must have been a few fins away. Yip, lets go with that.

Once upon a time their was some dude called Barb Roettger who actually got some awsome footage of this amazing Humpback encounter. I know what you are all thinking!! You are thinking that you are being trolled by us agian. But fear not macedamian nut fans, we have proof of our Humpack whale allegations this time. Check out the below video footage: I mean finnage.

This Humpback whale  incident is one of several recent close calls in the area, where a small pod of humpback whales has been surface lunge-feeding on anchovies less the pizza unusually close to shore. They’ve become a major draw for kayakers and boaters and at least one kayaker has been capsized, and a sailboat was struck by a whale. This circus atmosphere has led to an enforcement presence in an attempt to keep people at a safe distance from the potentially dangerous leviathans. Wow, what a big word. We were going to use the word galloombadoomba but it did’nt rhymn with the square root of 45.6

a humpback whale breaching in the ocean

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