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Rhino poaching

Rhino Poaching

Rhino poaching is a statement that might raise many a temper, but is nevertheless, a reality in Africa. Rhino’s are going to be slaughtered to extinction

Rhino poaching has reached a critical point!!!! Become aware of the problem and support the various organisations that are trying to combat this senseless act.

As we all kow, there has been a massive increase in Rhino poaching in the last couple of years where a staggering amount of rhino’s have been slaughtered for their horns. The rhino poaching has not just been restricted to say the private reserves but has also spilt out into the National parks of South Africa. Rhino poaching is a senseless and unneccessary act which is ( as usual) driven by greed and in most cases, some idiots beleif that he may get a better erection. What the hell? Why does’nt that idiot just buy some Viagra. Anyway, i suppose it goes way deeper than that. Someone mentioned to me the other day, that just as it would be virtually impossible for say a South African to stop braaing, so it is with the idiot that wants the rhino horn. It has become a cultural ingrained phenomamon that is not easily changed.

Aplogies for the graphic pictures of Rhino poaching, but maybe we need to see the images to stir us into action.

Rhino poaching

Subsistence poaching

Traditionally, most poaching is refered to a lot of authorities as ‘subsistence poching’. This means that the poacher is taking the game to feed himself and his family. However, this does not mean that poching is condoned. This above scenario changes completely when it comes to rhino poaching or even elephant and othe rgame for that matter. There is nothing ‘subsistence’ about this activity. It is unfortunaltly all about money. Greed. How the hell was that stupid idea instilled into human consciuosness?

Statistics show that since 1990, rhino poaching has been sporadic-varying from 1 to 6 rhino’s per year.In 2007, there was not one rhino poaching. But then, everything took a massive and sudden u-turn.

Rhino Poaching Statistics

The latest rhino poaching in Africa statistics indicate that 430 rhinos have been killed since the beginning of 2012 in South Africa alone.

Soul Adventures is deeply saddened by the number of rhinos poached Africa  and South Africa last year. We call on the South African government to act decisively to protect rhino populations.
According to government records, some 448 rhinos were slain in 2011, of which 252 were killed in the Kruger National Park alone. The number includes the poaching of 19 critically endangered black rhino, of which there are fewer than 5,000 left in the wild.
What is the cause of this sudden upsurge?
If we look back in history, the sudden increase in the oil price and the demand for Rhino horn by the Yemeni men for their daggers semed to have an influeze on rhino poaching worldwide. However, this trade seems to have dwindled a bit. There has also always been a constant amount of Rhino horn being sent to the Far East where it has been used for centuries in traditional medicines. It is this particular market that been the cause of the sudden increase in Rhino poaching. Apparently a miracle cure for cancer. What a load of bollocks!!! a cuntry like China has billions of people. A demand that is not easily going to be stopped.

How do we combat Rhino poaching in South Africa?

A unique strategy has been the formation of the KZN Wildlife Crime Working Group, which is ,made up of members of the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, the National Prosecuting Authority and the South African police. Members of this working group are sensitised to the work of other member organisations and is therefore possible  to support each others efforts. The SAP handles the investigations into the rhino poaching together with the help and advice of the KZN Wildlife staff. Together they are able to formulate the appropriate charges. With this information, the prosecutors are able to formulate the appropriate arguments with the magistrates applying the appropriate sentences.

How you can help combat rhino poaching

 There is a massive amount of work that still needs to be done in terms of stopping the rhino poaching problem in South Africa. All conservation agencies have to remain alert to the ongoing threat of rhino poaching while exploring new and innovative ways of combating the threat. All of us need to pay tribute and owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the people who are fighting this war on the front line-the rangers. They have the hardest job of all. the endless night operations, stakeouts, road blocks, patrols, tracking, interception and of course the occasional shoot out with the rhino poaching aggressors. These rangers are the ones who put their lives on the line so that we and our future generation may get to enjoy these magnificent creatures. But alas, with the increase in the number of rhino poaching kills, there is a serious lack of resources to combat the situation. Our rhino’s need your support. Join a rhino support group  like PROJECT RHINO  and become an indirect supporter of there destiny.


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