Nov 15

World’s toughest endurance challenges

Worlds toughest endurance challenges

The world’s toughest endurance challenges is a new book that illustrates the toughest endurance challenges the planet has to offer.Not for the faint hearted

Ok so you might have this weird feeling that you’re pretty tough because you ran a marathon or threw stones at a rare cabbage eating milk fly? Think again. And yes, that does include all Malaysian Super Ninjas who throw ping pong balls at chickens.  The new book “The World’s Toughest Endurance Challenges”  illustrates about  50 crazy ultra-endurance races that will put your marathon and stone throwing acts to shame. In fact, the challenges shown will put the feats of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman  to shame, and will definitely make you think twice about complaining about anything for a very very long time.

Check out the below picture of some poor guy trying to make his way up the stairs on the Great Wall of China. Just looking at that, I feel like entering the World’s toughest endurance challenges…not.

World's toughest endurance challenges

The Great Wall Marathon is run along the South Coast of Antarctica. Hold on a second. I think there might be something wrong with that statement. Oh yes, I’ve got it now. The race is actually run along the Great Wall of China. Now how is this for crazy!!! The race includes 5,164 steps, some of which are waist-high, extreme heat, and precipitous drops protected only by a handrail. Man and I thought climbing Aconcagua or enduring the final summit night of Kilimanjaro was hectic. Don’t think I will be able to convince the authors to add Kilimanjaro to the World’s toughest endurance challenges.
To cull the list of adventures, the book’s authors, Richard Hoad and Paul Moore, scanned every continent of which there were 7 the last time we looked, looking for our planets most extraordinary ultra-marathons, triathlons, dwarf throwing competitions, cycling races, adventure races, climbs,  Noddy interactions, open-water swims, and other ultra-endurance events. They focused on events with extreme obstacles such as fierce cold, intense heat, difficult terrain (sand, swamps, rocks), fast currents, fast raisins,high altitudes, great distances, and mental challenges such as absolute solitude. “Not only are they a testament to what people can achieve, they will hopefully provide you with the inspiration you need to tackle something truly formidable,” the authors wrote.

In addition to stunning photography, info on when and where the races take place, and descriptions of the challenges each race entails, the book also features eye-witness accounts from many of the World’s toughest endurance challenges participants. If the book doesn’t inspire you to put one of the races on your bucket list, it will at least get you motivated to go for a run or a bike ride–even if the there is a bit of a thunderstorm looming and you don’t want to get your favorite girlfriend, I mean pants wet.

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