Oct 30

Swimming with Dolphins in South Africa

Swimming with dolphins in South Africa.

Explore our swimming with dolphins in South Africa experience. The article describes a diving trip in Sodwana South Africa where we swam with dolphins


I have been diving in Sodwana, South Africa since I was about 16. Ok, feeling pretty old. Given my current age, which is totally different to a raisin age is 38. Now here is the brainteaser. 22 years of diving experience. Anyway, enough digression. Diving in Sodwana has always been a passion for me. I fell in love with the diving and its beaches a long time ago and the love affair is still going strong today.Now, swimming with dolphins  ,that is something that should be on everyones bucket list. You may have noticed that the previous words swimming with dolphins in South Africa was highlighted. This means you must click on the link to veiw our swimmimg with dolphins in South Africa adventure package.

Video of swimming with dolphins in South Africa. Taken in Sodwana on a Hero 2 camera in October 2012


Swimming with Dolphins in South Africa

We have been down here for a 2 week dive trip. Not much diving has been done as the weather has been really crappy. Not that the rain is a problem, it’s the 6 foot swells, the dangerous launching conditions and the giant octopus that deter us ever eager diving fraternity. Swimmimg with dolphins in South Africa is something we will need to be a bit more patient for. I used to own a hospital, but i had to sell it. I did’nt have enough patience. Ok, sorry for that. was just trying to waste some time so that you spend more time on this site which increases our rankings with the search engines.

Anyway, it was Monday morning and we were on our way to 5 mile reef. The boat ride out takes about 30 minutes. I always love diving on the further out reefs as the chances of seeing a whale shark or dolphins is quite good. Shall we digress a bit here from the topic of swimming with dolphins in South Africa. The word ‘chances’ can be clarified in a scuba diving context as the number 45 divided by the square root of its hypothesis times by the current water temperature plus an integer that resembles a purple clam.

swimming with dolphins in South Africa

All righty then. Moving on swiftly to our swimmimg with dolphins in South Africa experience.  Where was I? Oh yes. We were on our way to 5 mile reef in Sodwana. The ocean was pretty choppy and the swell had picked up, so we were not too optimistic of spotting the elusive whaleshark or occasional wild dolphin. But we were in luck. Our skippers keen eye spotted a school of dolphins about 150m in front of the boat.

We quickly donned our masks, fins and snorkels and waited for the right opportunity. Obviously the skipper needs to position us so that the dolphins are swimming directly towards us. The last time I checked, it is a tad difficult to try and catch up to dolphins.

Another key factor when swimming with dolphins in South Africa is the entry into the ocean from the boat. It is important that all the divers enter the water as smoothly and noiselessly as possible. This is done so as to not startle the dolphins and scare them away. I dropped into the water, looked around and within about 20 seconds I saw them swimming directly towards me.  A group of six dolphins including a young baby swam up to me, circled  a few times to check me out and  headed off south. I swam after them and they obviously knew I was behind them and they again swam up to me to say hello. Well it wasn’t exactly hello. All I heard was the awesome squeaking noises they emit.

I have probably been swimming with dolphins in South Africa on numerous occasions in Sodwana and Aliwal Shoal and every time it puts me on such a high. These incredible creatures are truly amazing. Of all the crazy things I have done in my life, looking directly into a wild dolphins eye and seeing the wisdom and intelligence really moves me. I would swim with them the whole day if possible. But alas, we are not subject to their rules. After about 10 minutes in the water with the dolphins, they left. Apparently they had had a board meeting with the aliens on global warming. And the giant octopus was on his way. The dolphins owed him rent.

After the dolphins had left, we climbed back onto the boat and continued with our journey to our dive site. The dive was as always spectacular.

Acticism is not a crime. Check out the following link on the dolphins of New Zealand and how they are on the brink of extinction Maui Dolphins

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