Sep 12

Criteria for skydiving


Suppose that there is a naked skydiver in front of you ; we all know that the naked skydiver exists in space and in time, but what does that mean? Could it be said, for example, that space is like an invisible three-dimensional grid in which the naked skydiver is positioned? Suppose the naked skydiver, and all physical objects in the universe, were removed from existence entirely. Would space as an “invisible grid” still exist? Surely it would not, because without the naked skydiver, “space” would be meaningless because space is the framework upon which we understand a naked skydiver . Just maybe, as the complex beings that wannabee skydivers are, who always define themselves through parameters, perceive time only as a result of memory. naked skydivers or any other big  remember what ‘was’ compared to what is’ now’. If they had zero memory, they could not detect time – they would exist only for the moment.



The result of this is their apparent perception of time always going forward. Now what would happen if we thought of skydiving naked in the future without a memory, would our perception of time that does not exist go backward, resulting in the perception of’ then’ with the now as a variable.That must be it. What most naked skydivers do is activate their future zoning’ instruments and project themselves into next week Friday. However, in most cases,only half of the skydivers arrive. Most skydivers forget to leave a message for Dave in Finance which results in the other half of them dividing into another half of that half which resulted in the remaining halves dividing into further halves of themselves until there are only two halves left. The two halves that are left get stolen by the winner of the 43rd national chin chong cha championships held in Venice. The ambitious skydiving champion tries to halve the remaining half which halved into nothing. As there was nothing left, none of what just happened transpired as there was nothing left to prove otherwise. Now as the great scientist Dixi Normus proved, nothing is equal to skydiving naked, which means skydiving naked is a given. This really caused a problem as there was once a man from Tucket who liked to collect a bucket and write poems. Now old man Tucket owned a viscous thing for protection. One day he was watering his bag of ping-pong balls when the thing lifted its leg and urinated onto his prized ping-pongs. Tucket who was highly upset, screamed ‘NO THING’. The universe who had just come back from holiday misinterpreted the plea as nothing and not ‘NO THING’ which caused the consequence of the cause to be effected in reverse resulting in the naked skydive happening with nothing there. For practical purposes, time for a skydive begins from when the plane comes into existence and ends when the skydive ceases to exist in the form of a skydive. If skydivings existence in time was in the future, then skydivings existence might appear to be a four-dimensional jump. However, to the third-dimensional skydiver, time seems like a straight line going into the past with a sharp turn to the left at some cloud.  A four dimensional skydiver could traverse this time continuum simply by going from point x34.4 to the accounts department to over there. The obvious reason being that a skydiver can perceive that dimension. Dave from finance can’t

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