Sep 05

Rock climbing

Life has been an interesting journey thus far and I am beginning to understand the meaning of age. It all began when I went to the Botanical Gardens for the first time and touched a rock millions of years old. I understood the passing of time for what it truely is. Now I feel what it really is to be human. Becoming one with the world around me and moving with it has never felt more natural. I do not think I am the first person to realise how intrically linked every cell on this planet is. But there is something absolutely infinite about climbing a rock face and realising how small one person is compared to the mountain hge or she can conquer. It really is a David and Goliath story on a grander scale. I have started to feel new muscles growing, a strength that existed inside my soul beginning to manifest itself physically. One cannot comprehend the amount of Rock Climbing I have done recently resulting in weight loss, muscle tone and increased flexibility. Yet my body never exhausts itself ofcourse I have to sleep but its easy to rock climb all day and not give up because it is so exilerating. I cannot wait for this weekend. There are new routes at Strubens Vallei to be climbed. There are so many different levels of climbing at Strubens Vallei.Each one teaches you new techniques of rock climbing and it always feels like such a great acomplishment to reach the top.


Peace Be Da Journey



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