Sep 05

Record Attempt for the HIGHEST SCUBA dive in South Africa

Highest SCUBA dive in South Africa


Bah bah black sheep have you any wool? No. Ok, then we might as well go for a dive in the mountains. It looks like the toasted soup sandwich for lunch is making a wee bit crazier than normal. Not sure what drives us. Must be the alien infestation of 1967. Anyway, a highly respected, wise and intelligent member of  the Soul Adventure team is going to attempt the highest scuba dive in South Africa on 22 October 2016. The location has been kept a secret to protect the innocent. All we can say is that the altitude is about 3100m. If you know South African geography, you will realise that at that altitude it can only be one place. Yip, the Drakensberg.
Gonna be epic!!!!. Not sure what constitutes an official dive. But our esteemed diver is going to be kitted out in full SCUBA equipment. And yes. That does include the cylinder. And yes the cylinder is going to carried up to the top. And yes, the flies of Madagascar will eat the apple. He will be submerged under the water breathing compressed air for a minimum of 5 minutes. I’m sure that is enough time to claim it was an ‘official’ dive. The depth is only 2m. Maybe a tad more depending on the rainfall. The official height is about 3050m.
And maybe……just maybe we will bring the ironing board along for good measure.
Let us know if you would like to be a part of this madness

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