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3rd September



Spring 2012!!!!!!
 I really enjoy meeting expectant new-comers before a trip, or the seasoned expedition adventurer, whether they are here to trek in the Drakensberg, scuba dive with sharks or participate in any other of our unique experiences, then observe the changes in them when they return from their adventure a few days later. Sometimes it is just a faint smile of satisfaction, while at other times a grin as big as the glaciers on Kilimanjaro. Occasionally it may be that there is a dash of disappointment at a missed summit through weather turning at the wrong time, or conditions not being safe on a particular route causing a turn around.

Whatever the outcome of the trip, the effect of nature’s environment is etched upon us and reflected through a glint in the eye that shows we have been deeply moved by our interaction with nature in its most powerful form. While not always beer and biltong, it sure beats trying to elude life’s challenges in pursuit of a comfortable existence! Guides and climbers in the Soul Adventure extended family are trudging over several other parts of the world right now, while others are getting set to head out on adventures and trips

Whatever the near future holds for you, I wish you all the very best for your upcoming adventures whatever they may be

Darren MacDonald. Director-Soul Adventures

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Skydiving 29 September

Ever wanted to throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane from 10,000ft and hurtle towards earth at over 160kmh. If that does not alter your state of perception or dramatically shift your comfort zones then I don’t know what will. I think everyone should jump at of a plane at least once in their lifetime.

Join us on 29 September for a day of skydiving.The dropzone for the day will be at Rustenberg. Not that we don’t trust your parachute activating instinct, but you will be strapped to the front of an experienced jump-master who will get you to the ground safely.

No naked jumping or vomiting in the plane allowed. READ MORE…..


skydiving in johannesburg

Spring Specials !!!

OK sports fans, spring is here and even though most of us were a little bare this morning, it is time to come out of a grizzly winter hibernation. To subliminally activate your cerebral cortex and subconsciously influence you to book a trip with us, we have created some Spring specials just for you. And the other guy sitting in the corner who answers to the name of Dave. We believe our specials are pretty reasonable. And by reasonable, we don’t expect you to try and get a free t-shirt as well. That’s liable to earn you a Burmese-roundhouse-sphincter-kick with a follow up of the three fingered eye-jab. Would it hurt? Hell yes!!Let’s just say that you won’t be the prettiest person at a Justin Bieber concert anymore….it’s also quite difficult to pick up your teeth with broken fingers. READ MORE….


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Kilimanjaro Update

Congratulations to our August Kilimanjaro climbers!!

Soul Adventures managed to get a total of 16 people to the roof of Africa in August. A 90% success rate!!!! The highlight of the month for me was taking 10 ladies up via the Machame route. Kilimanjaro is such an awesome mountain and it is truly rewarding to be a part of someones journey. And man what a journey it is. Just like life, the elements to conquer Kilimanjaro lie within. Courage, perseverance and maybe a dash of craziness are all the ingredients needed to help you achieve your dream of standing on the highest free standing mountain in the world. For a brief summary of our August climb, READ MORE…

Kilimanjaro climb

Help save the oceans

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”– Jacques Cousteau”

Our oceans are precious. I have been scuba diving for over 20 years and I have fallen in love with the ocean. I would like my son to experience this awesome underwater environment just as i had the privilege to. Take the time to click on the link below and support Greenpeace in their campaign to make 70% of the oceans a marine reserve. I promise you won’t asked to strap yourself to a tree.

The Greenpeace plan to save our oceans is laid out in our report “Road-map to Recovery, a Global Network of Marine Reserves.” In it we outline in detail the rationale for setting aside 40 percent of our world’s oceans as protected areas READ MORE…

scuba diving

Monthly Inspiration

  • It matters not how many mountains you climb, but how many people you bring with you.
  • Adversity introduces a man to himself

Aaah life!! yip everyone has one and believe it or not, everyone has a metaphorical ‘Everest’ to climb. Wow, how is that for a big word? Anyway, I still believe that adventure and nature can have a serious impact on your life. I look back on my decision to quit the corporate world and I don’t think I would have ever had the courage if it were not for the lessons that I learnt on on the big ass mountains of the world. There is something weird about living in the moment. and that is what our trips are all about. Not just adventure, but a touch of mind expansion as well Read More

Extreme Ironing

OK, so you need a little excitement and the playstation is getting a bit boring. Maybe you are ready for the extremely dangerous activity of extreme ironing. Soul Adventures hold the world record for the highest iron on Kilimanjaro ( please stand in the Que for autographs….), with our goal set on the highest underwater SCUBA iron in the world. Just waiting for the secret place to thaw out a bit. Any way READ MORE….



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